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Name : Harsh Patel
Email : patelharsh397@gmail.com

very good idea for creating this website nice work guys you have really done good work
Name : Hardik Upadhyay
Email : hardik.upadhyay@gperi.ac.in

This is really a nice initiative. This platform would play a vital role to exchange the information of technical events especially in Gujarat region . I really appreciate the efforts. Keep it up and all the best. Prof. Hardik Upadhyay Gujarat Power Engineering and Research Institute President is-ra (is-ra.org) Gujarat chapter
Name : Sanket Pandya
Email : sanket12294@gmail.com

In this money oriented world u all are doing such a good work on free of cost its really appreciable well done guys...
Name : parth soni
Email : soniparth239@gmail.com

The concept of the website is unique which is best part of it.All technical events, seminars, workshop info.=one website....Now what you want..... I'm very satisfied with content and GUI.... Amazing work....Keep it up... Cheers..
Name : Trush Kansara
Email : kansaratrush96@gmail.com

Great work done by team #techfesthub...!!! Can easily get information about various techfests events and workshops of many colleges...! Great effort :-) Excellent Job guyz...!!! Keep it up👍✌
Name : Monil Makwana
Email : monil015sm@gmail.com

Visited this website!! Found every information about Techfest, workshops,etc. I liked the concept of this website. You guys are doing such an amazing job. Keep it up!!!
Name : Maheta ronak
Email : ronakmaheta2610@gmail.com

"Sant ko dhyan.engineers ko gyan "..or kya chahie...engginees can find all the info about seminars techfests etc from one click ...great work guys.....
Name : Bhupendra Patel
Email : bhupendra.patel@djmit.ac.in

I think it's very important to have a feedback loop, where you're constantly thinking about what you've done and how you could be doing it better. I think that's the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.
Name : Patel Arpit
Email : arpitp16197@gmail.com

Excellent & attractive website Good work. Website is give information about different workshop,seminar & techfest.
Name : Chetan marwadi
Email : chetansarghara@gmail.com

Great work guys..👏👏 •Information related to TECFEST,WORKSHOPS,SEMINARS in near by colleges that's best. • website design amazing "Especially" background 👏👏
Name : shukla bhaumik
Email : shukla286gamer@gmail.com

This site is very informative we get the latest update on the events right now going on in different zones
Name : Bhavin Suthar
Email : sutharbhavin29@gmail.com

Good responsive website great GUI..Grate work to all team members nice website......
Name : Harsh Garg
Email : harshgarg95@gmail.com

Very good concept and it is very easy to reach your interested seminars, workshops and events.
Name : Dhruvi shah
Email : Shahdhruvi96@gmail.com

Undoubtedly great idea and successful too. Technical side - Best. But design- good thought but the background is not matching to content , individually both are best but not relating each other.. Overall superb , well done guys
Name : Maharshi Kansara
Email : kansaramaharshi41296@gmail.com

Very responsive website and it's very easy to find what is going in all over Gujarat colleges either events or seminars or workshops. ☺️
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